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About the hostel

The residential complex of AIIMS, Kalyani consists of hostels for boys and girls built separately, canteens for catering services, quarters for staff of the Institute, recreation facilities etc. Different hostels and quarters are in various stages of construction.

Currently only one hostel is functional – the UG Girl’s Hostel. Both male and female students of first year MBBS batch stay in this hostel, as no other hostel is ready to host students. In this hostel, boys are residing on the ground and first floor, and girls are staying on the second and third floor; with separate entrances of the boys’ and girls’ part of the hostel. Each room has double occupancy. Each room has a bed with mattress and pillow, one chair, one table and one almirah. Two LED tube lights and two fans are there in all the rooms. Ground floor has rooms for warden, security staff, common room and TV. There are separate rooms for lady warden and TV for girl students on the second floor of the hostel. For the safety and security of the residents, the entire hostel and adjoining mess is under the surveillance of 24 x 7 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).


Admission to Hostels

Hostel accommodation is compulsory for all students admitted in the AIIMS, Kalyani. No student is allowed to commute from the home to the institute. All the students are given a hostel admission form at the time of admission to the institute. Rooms are allotted on the basis of draw of lots. A student admitted to the hostel should pay the fee for the entire duration of course. The payment must be remitted on or before the date of admission. Hostel fee is non-refundable and adjustment of hostel fee with tuition fee or vice versa is not permitted under any circumstances.


Facilities in the hostel

  • Water and Electricity: The hostel has its own supply of water. All floors of the hostel and amenities has a RO water purifier with water storage installed. Apart from electric supply from the State Electricity Board, the hostel has its own generator system providing uninterrupted power supply to the hostel campus.

  • Hot water facilities: Geyser is installed in the washrooms of all floors.

  • Lift arrangements: There are two lifts installed in the UG hostel.

  • Divyang bathroom: There is a bathroom on all the floors of the hostel dedicated for Divyang residents.

  • Sports and recreation: The hostel has sport goods and equipment for exercise and fitness kept in the common room located in the ground floor. Students can take these goods and play in the adjoining makeshift playground.

There are two TVs separate for boys and girls kept on the ground and second floor respectively. There is one TV kept at amenities/mess also.

  • Tea/Coffee Vending machines: Tea and Coffee vending machines are installed in the amenities. Tea and coffee are available from morning to 10 pm at nominal cost.

  • Laundry Facilities: Washing and ironing of clothes are done by personnel identified for the purpose. The washerwomen visit the hostel three days (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) in a week at specified timings. Their services are available on payment basis. Ironing services are available on Sundays.

  • Cleaning and dustbins: The corridors and washrooms of each floor of the hostel twice everyday by designated personnel. Two big size dustbins are placed on the corridors at each floor.

  • Pest control: Since the hostel is surrounded with under construction buildings there may be problems of insects and rodents. For this, a dedicated pest control company has been appointed to spray the chemicals every fortnight to keep the hostel building insect free.

  • Canteen / Mess: The canteen / mess is located in the adjoining amenities building. The breakfast timing is 7 to 7.30 am. Dinner is served from 8 to 9.30 pm. Students are not allowed to take food in their room.

Security: The hostel and adjoining canteen are equipped with 24X7 surveillance under CCTV. The hostel is fenced on all sides. There are security guards posted in the hostel round the clock.



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Undergraduate Hostel Rules & Regulations